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Oil Pulling Experiment

Posted on: January 14, 2011

I came upon concept of oil pulling completely by accident and thought “why not?”.  Below is the process I’ll be following, any adjustments I make, what I expect to get from this experiment and my results.  So, let’s start!

Day 1 of Oil Pulling and it was easier than I had expected.  I used expeller pressed, unprocessed, organic sesame seed oil from Spectrum Organics; toasted sesame seed oil will not give the same results.  Sesame seed oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and a powerful antioxidant so the perfect choice.

Initially the oil felt thick in my mouth and it was challenging trying to force it through my teeth but as the oil mixed with saliva it got much easier.  Today I distracted myself by checking facebook which was a huge plus as I always feel guilty being on facebook first thing in the morning.  Now it’s part of my routine!  I’m already seeing benefits!

I have a few teeth that have been throbbing slightly since I finished but the big question is will I have any of the major detox symptoms like headaches, body aches, flu-like symptoms?  Stay tuned!

I actually expected this to be a horrific experience, which it was not, so now I’m looking forward to some of the health benefits.  There are many extravagant claims that oil pulling will cure everything from weight loss to depression to cancerous tumors.  How am I hoping to benefit?  My list includes healthier teeth and gums, more energy, increased mental alertness and a good night’s sleep.  Actually my list is longer than that (I excel at list making) but I’ll be on the alert for some unexpected results.  I want it all!!

Oil pulling is easy enough but here are a few rules to follow.

  1. Pull the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  If you are ill you can do it up to 3 times a day always before meals.
  2. Start with a clean mouth by gently brushing your entire mouth – teeth, gum and tongue.  A tongue blade will also work for cleaning the tongue.
  3. Put a tablespoon of oil into your mouth (you can start with less if 1 tablespoon is to much) and swish and pull it through your teeth for 15 minutes drawing out toxins.
  4. Try not to swallow but if you do swallow a small bit you’ll just have to remove those toxins again at a later time.  Keep busy and the 15 minutes will fly by.
  5. The oil from your mouth will be highly toxic so spit it in the toilet or down the sink cleaning the sink well afterwards.  I cleaned my sink with a mixture of tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle. Do NOT use antibacterial soap; we don’t need super toxins breeding in our sinks.  Plain vinegar sprayed on the sink is another option.  Leave the spray on for 15-30 seconds before rinsing off. (I decided to use the toilet because it was getting to be a pain to meticulously clean the sink every morning).
  6. Brush your teeth, gums and tongue afterwards to further remove the toxins.  I finished my routine off by swishing Thieves Essential Oil Mouthwash around the inside of my mouth. I also soaked my toothbrush in the same mouthwash.  Rinsing with warm salt water may also work. Listerine is not an option.
  7. Because it is considered a detox I will be drinking plenty of green tea, filtered water and other liquids throughout my day.
  8. This is a good time to remove the source of toxins you body may be exposed to, found in cleaning, personal care products – even food.

If all goes well, I expect to make this my daily routine so how about joining me and sharing your experiences.  I’ll be updating this blog post for the first few weeks of the experiment.  Here’s to health through Oil Pulling!

DAY 2 – Not sure I have ever tried a detox I  like so much, so fast.  Already on day 2 my entire mouth feels incredibly clean and fresh.  I’m ready to make a TV commercial:-).

My detox symptoms yesterday were minor.  In the beginning my teeth were aching and I had a headache followed by a few hours of feeling completely spacey but nothing drastic.  All these are typical detox symptoms so I was prepared.  I was also prepared for the worst which never materialized.  Today I don’t seem to have any symptoms and since I’m teaching this afternoon I’m hoping the spacey feelings don’t return.

I’m excited to hear  how you’re doing.

Day 20 – I have been oil pulling almost every day for 20 days making it  part of my daily routine now.  I missed a few days but not many.  One of my goals was healthier teeth and for me that also meant whiter teeth (I’ll wait for my dentist to make the healthier diagnosis).  My teeth are yellow along the edges and dingy.  I have tried whitening but it didn’t work.  Not all teeth can be whitened and mine can’t.  Well, I am  SOOOO EXCITED.  My teeth are whiter.  Not dentist whitening whiter (but who knows) but the yellow tint has disappeared along the edges of my teeth which is my dental cleanings have not been able to remove.  I think I’ve looked at my teeth a dozen times today.  Love OIL PULLING!!

Here is a great resource http://www.oilpulling.com/.   You can buy the Thieves Essentail Oil Mouthwash and Tee Tree oil at https://www.youngliving.org/healthnaturally.


2 Responses to "Oil Pulling Experiment"

Have been oil pulling a few weeks after seeing it on your site. Had to make do w/ toasted sesame oil, but it REALLY helps my asthma. Forgot where I left the inhaler a week ago–have been able mostly do without it! It starts tasting bitter towards the end of the mouthful, and had a couple large canker sores that seemed like pathways for the toxins the first week or two.

Wow, Tina you have had some amazing results. Canker sores are not uncommon when detoxing but sounds like you made it through!!
Great job!

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  • wildlyorganicwomen: Wow, Tina you have had some amazing results. Canker sores are not uncommon when detoxing but sounds like you made it through!! Great job!
  • Tina: Have been oil pulling a few weeks after seeing it on your site. Had to make do w/ toasted sesame oil, but it REALLY helps my asthma. Forgot where I
  • wildlyorganicwomen: I see you are a pest control company Tony. Hopefully your company uses pesticide free methods.


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